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The biowerkzeug community

The biowerkzeug community site consists of the biowerkzeug Wiki at (which you are reading right now) and the biowerkzeug Forum at They were created as a place for users of the Hippo software and other biomolecular software packages to share ideas and help each other. Furthermore, developers frequent the sites as well and can add their insights and learn what the community wants to see implemented or fixed.

The Wiki

Anyone can read, search and browse the Wiki. Anyone who registered and verified themselves with a valid email address may edit pages.

See Editing help to learn how to do this. If you have used MediaWiki before then you may still want to have a look at the Editing help page to see which additional extensions are enabled on this wiki.

As a registered user you can also set up your own "home page" (click on your name to edit it) or change your Preferences. For instance, you can allow other members to send you emails through the wiki or you can customize the way the wiki works.


  • If you have problems with the Wiki then post a question in the Forum under biowerkzeug community → Wiki → Bugs.
  • Comments on particular Wiki pages? Make them heard on the 'discussion page that exists for each Wiki page: click the discussion link in the top menu bar. Sign the question with your name. (Hint: simply add "-- ~~~~" to automagicaly insert your name.)